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Loch Ard Gorge Australia

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Darren Pearson

Darren Pearson is Los Angeles resident, where he works as a full time illustrator by day. By night, he explores the landscapes of California in search of the perfect scene for one of his life-sized light sculptures. These light sculptures are created through long exposure photography (the same technique commonly used to write a name with a sparkler or capture car trails at night). Pearson makes complex light-effect photographs, none of which are photoshopped. We were entranced by his fun photos of skeletons, who seem so animated and involved in the american night life. Please enjoy Pearson’s skeletons and other wonderful light creations.

Ann Keel Photography,hobby or an occupation?

It was, and still is, a personal project. I used my face and body as tools. Nothing else. Maybe if I had the chance to meet an inspiring model, I would work with her/him then. At that time, I was alone and needed to express things right away — day after day. I didn't ask myself questions and did it like so. I expressed deep emotions ad complex things, it might be best that I have chosen myself to do so and not another. My photos are all about my life. There is no pretending and no selfishness at all. This is my story, a chapter at a time unveiled, and instead reading it in a book you can read it through my pictures. I've learned that periods of darkness can overcome us at any time. But I also found that I'm able to endure. Overcome. And in the process growing stronger... smarter... better. All is well in my little corner of the world.

Ann Keel

I began to photograph in 2009, I didn’t have a DSLR camera at that time so I used my webcam. The first photo-manipulations I ever did were made with it. Then I bought a Canon 450D, which I sold a few months ago (I will be buying a brand new camera in few days. Can't wait!) I started to photograph because I realized that I could use this media as a language, same way as I use painting or drawing. I already used those mediums, but I still had a lot to express. So much! What I especially liked about photography is the way I could express things quickly. Painting takes much more time, even sometimes I work on pictures as I work on canvas.


Two shots only, no retakes or retouching, all on medium format. This is Parallax. A project started by Ricky Chapman about a year ago, it documents the people in his New York City life while celebrating the craft of film photography in the moment. We’ve asked Ricky to tell us a bit more about Parallax. What inspired him to start this project, where is he going from here and who is Ricky Chapman? Tying the photos and text together a thought came to mind. A thought that everyone has a Parallax of their own — a world of duality that documents our friends and memories. Here is Ricky’s Parallax:

Yaser Almajed

Meet Yaser Almajed, a talented photographer from Saudi Arabia. Inspired by the double exposure photography Yaser creates beautifully crafted portraits. Each portrait a digital art representation of people as flowers and urban landscapes. Take a look at some of our favourite and inspiring images.

Lena K

Meet Lena K, a talented photographer from Lithuania who captured our hearts with her gentle and affectionate photographs. Please enjoy a selection of our favourite images by Lena and click on each photo for a full size photograph.